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wood-fired energy independence

Get more usable heat from more affordable, cleaner sources. Lower heating costs with less environmental impact and stay insulated from fluctuating fuel oil, natural gas and other prices.

ignite the revolution.


Patent-pending design changes heating from the inside out.


Burns hotter. Cleans easier. Lasts longer.


WoodMaster’s EPA-certified CleanFire uses a dry fire chamber to provide hotter, more efficient heat that requires minimal effort to maintain.


No ceramics

No damaging corrosion

No creosote build-up

The primary boiler is a true low pressure ASME H stamped boiler. It keeps oxygen out of the system, preventing corrosion to the water vessel.  ASME certification ensures the use of the highest quality materials and workmanship resulting in a boiler life expectancy of 40 or 50 years.


All of it is run by the exclusive WoodMaster control board, which burns at the optimum rate to meet the heat load. No batch burning or quick cycling. The board uses more than 300 settings to maintain this furnace modulation, increasing efficiency.




Want old-fashioned smokey flavor? You got it. Ignite your backyard get-togethers with a WoodMaster Pellet Grill. Bring new life to quick weeknight dinners. With wood-fired flavor for steaks, burgers, chicken, fish, ribs and more – even pizza and dessert – you'll be the envy of the neighborhood.


Check out our Mini Hog and Whole Hog Models.

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